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Civil law is the sphere of law, which deals with relations between citizens at a particular level. It is the study of private law, establishing rights for each individual, as well as their obligations. It is through this branch of law that we can act in a judicial way through processes of knowledge, precautionary and enforcement. In the knowledge process, the action is focused on narrating the fact and solving the problem that occurred. In the precautionary measure, preventive measures are sought before the existing law, which is in danger, such as an interdiction action, which has the purpose of alleging the absolute or relative incapacity of a person, thus preventing that person from practicing acts that put your assets at risk. Finally, in execution, the purpose is to fulfill an established obligation. For example, the payment of fees agreed in the contract. Purchase and sale agreement - Contracts - Recife - Service agreement - Metropolitan Region - Pernambuco - Brazil

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